About CA

The Citizens’ Alliance (CA) is a powered political party in The Gambia founded on the ideals of democracy, civil liberties, economic prosperity, social cohesion and social justice. CA is made up of citizens ready and determined to respond to the country’s desperate need for new and effective political leadership that will focus on uniting the citizens of the country for a prosperous future, addressing society’s many challenges and promoting inclusivity, equity and prosperity.


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Our Plan

The CA promotes a citizens-driven agenda.

We shall put in place policies that will seek to eradicate all forms of discrimination against any citizen or group of citizens. The party will embrace our country’s diversity, ensure equity and equality and promote justice. Recognizing the right of every Gambian Learn more

What we stand for 

It’s time to put Country first

For the past 54 years, our people have been living in poverty with empty promises.  In 2016 we went to the polls to remove a 22-year authoritative rule with the hopes of beginning to rebuild our nation and restore our dignity. Learn more

How We Work

Our Way of Success

CA has structures at National, Regional, and Constituency and Ward levels.

Level I


Citizens National Congress (CNC)
Citizens National Executive Council (CNEC)
National Secretariat (NS)
Citizens Regional Councils (CRC)
Citizens Constituency Councils (CEC)
Citizens Ward Councils (CWC)

Level II


Citizens Youth Alliance (CYA): The CYA is the youth organ of the party with its primary objectives to:

  • Organise young people behind the vision of the party.
  • Advocate, champion and defend the rights, interest and aspirations of young people.
  • Shall plan and supervise all youth activities and programs of the party.

Citizens Women Alliance (CWA): The CWA is tailored to support and promote all women activities and programs of the party. The CWA will empower Gambian women to gain insight and knowledge for not only self-development but also political awareness.

Citizens Think Tank (CTT): The CTT consist of policy development committees (PDCs) on every strategic sector of The Gambia. The PDCs collectively form the competently knowledgeable and technocratic organ of CA and members will serve as prototype government (shadow government) of the party. 

Citizens Diaspora Alliance (CDA): The CDA is the arm of the party outside of The Gambia. The primary mandates of CDA are:

  • defend and promote the interests of Gambians abroad.
  • work with stakeholders in The Gambia and abroad to ensure that eligible Gambian voters in the diaspora can vote in future presidential and national assembly elections.
  • promote the involvement of Gambians abroad in matters of national importance affecting The Gambia.
  • promote the ideas, plans and strategic vision of CA. 

Differently Abled Citizens Alliance (DACA): DACA is the advocacy and voice of the differently abled citizens of the country to promote the safety, welfare, wellbeing and general interest and aspiration of people living with disabilities.


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