Fire at the Brikama Market 12th May 2020

Earlier on today, members of the West Coast Region of Citizens’ Alliance visited the devastation caused by a fire at the Brikama Market in order to assess the situation, show solidarity and make recommendations at the party level. It seemed like the people that sustained the greatest losses were women, young vendors, and back way returnees that have been trying to establish new ventures.

It’s time to look at the safeguards we provide to our citizens and implement structures and systems that assure the health and safety of our public spaces. It was heartbreaking to learn that the fire services arrived at the scene with only one engine and no water. Our Fire Service departments need to be provided with the necessary and appropriate training, along with standard equipment to safe lives and property.

Apart from being the headquarters of Citizens’ Alliance, Brikama has, arguably, one of the largest and busiest markets in the nation. The Brikama market continues to add value to our economy, as well as the lives of the communities around it. Citizens’ Alliance understands this, and it's the reason why strengthening regional public markets is the key to developing our local economies.

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