Our statement on the arrest of Madi Jobarteh

Citizens’ Alliance is appalled to learn that another Gambian Citizen, Madi Jobarteh, was recently invited to Kairaba Police Station and charged for merely expressing his opinion on the state of affairs of our nation. This is an affront to democracy and a blatant attempt to silence dissenting voices by creating a culture of fear. It is unfortunate that a person like Madi Jobarteh will face such in this era after standing up against an authoritarian rule under Jammeh with hopes that a new Gambia would usher a better promise.

Citizens’ Alliance calls on the Government of The Gambia to immediately drop all charges against Madi Jobarteh, and for our government and security forces to redirect their efforts towards protecting and promoting the rights of Gambians, including freedom of speech and expression.

We call on all Gambians to stand together and demand that rights are respected. Gambians have suffered for too long and worked too hard to end the era of violations and impunity. We must therefore remain vigilant to ensure that we nurture a new era of democracy, good governance, accountability, and justice for all, without which our development aspirations will never be achieved.

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