People of The Gambia choose to join CA because CA is a political party unlike any of the existing political parties in The Gambia for the following main reasons:

Collective Leadership: CA does not revolve around an individual leader or personality for its existence and viability. Ideas, solutions and developmental proposals for The Gambia are the engine that drives the party. 



Donor Influence Avoidance and Transparency: CA operates in a transparent and collaborative manner to the extent that the party is not beholden to any individual or institutional donor for financial contributions. The maximum donation an individual or organization can give to CA is capped. 



Shadow Government: CA has instituted a shadow government team headed by competent and knowledgeable members in the Citizens Think Tank (CTT) organ of the party. They will:

  • ensure that the actions, policies and decisions taken by the ruling government are scrutinized and challenged with solution proposals when those government actions, policies and decisions are not in the interest of the people of The Gambia.
  • formulate, research and develop urgently needed national infrastructural and service delivery projects to be ready for implementation on Day 1 when CA is voted into office. These projects will transform the health, education, agricultural and economic systems to lift the standards of living of the people to be that of a middle-income nation within a generation.